Thanks for your interest in The Big Give! We ask that participating groups agree to the following:

1. All goods and services are absolutely FREE.
Our motivation is to share the love of Christ through radical generosity — no strings (or donation baskets, or sign-up sheets) attached! While your church is likely involved with many great causes, we ask that this day not be used for fundraising or recruitment.

2. This is not a bait-and-switch tactic.
If asked, volunteers are welcome to share about their spiritual reasons for being involved in the day, but they shouldn’t offer to follow-up on the conversation unless the other person specifically asks and offers their contact information. While you are welcome to have a prayer station or a table with free Bibles, the event is first and foremost a day to show love by meeting practical and physical needs.

3. We all take the proper legal precautions.
Your participation under “The Big Give” banner on your site means that any indemnification that your insurance company may require will be your responsibility. The Big Give, Love Ottawa, and One Way Ministries or any third parties mentioned on this web site are not liable for any damages (including, without limitation, incidental and consequential damages or personal injury) resulting from any activities associated with The Big Give.

4. Everybody’s privacy and dignity is respected.
While we encourage you to take pictures or video of the event, we ask that you obtain the permission of anyone appearing in media you plan to use publicly.

5. You make a small financial contribution to the event planning.
The Big Give requests a registration fee as outlined on the registration page of our website. Upon registration, we request a small donation based on the size of your congregation towards the combined national effort. This helps us provide you with resources, a promotional video, planning assistance, and a website. Larger gifts are welcome and needed, as they will subsidize costs for churches and groups unable to make the minimum requested donation.